Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Forever homes

                        SUPER COOPER

Last week a very much loved long term resident of the Beagle Welfare rehoming centre went off to his new forever home after a stay here of 18 months, I think he may have been one of the longest staying residents to date along with Alfie and Jack.

He came into Beagle Welfare as stray and became a very renowned eccentric character here.

Staying in the kennels didn't really suit him he was constantly on the go never stood still for a second and had a few scrapes with other Beagles, he just wouldn't sit still for a cuddle or stroke.

He loved a tennis ball and would run for hours after one, many arms got tired from throwing tennis balls for Cooper and many ears were drummed from his barking for you to throw it.

Clare and Geoff often take dogs from outside in the kennels and bring them into the house to rehabilitate them back into normal living situations, they decided to do this with Cooper and it worked a treat. After a lively and bizarre start for Cooper he soon settled into living in the house and soon became a very good house dog, he calmed down a lot and just relaxed, finally we had a calm cuddly boy, he loved to just sleep and lay on the table lol and just be with you.

We decided to make a DVD not long ago to give to people who adopted Beagles from us just to explain what they can expect when taking their new adopted Beagle home, and of course we needed a star of the show :) that would be super Cooper, he was the star of the show really and did everything asked of him and more.

Happy new forever home cooper you deserve it and thank you for adopting him :) you have a very special hound.

Here are a few of my fave Cooper photos.


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  1. Brilliant blog well done Emily a fitting tribute to a truly amazing hound