Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A little Tour

Hi, I thought I would just take you on a little tour around the Rehoming centre this week, and show you where the dogs sleep play and live.

This is the Cabin, we usually have about 6 Beagles live in here together.
We also have 3 conventional kennels on the other side for Beagles who prefer a little more quite time, these kennels have a run at the front with beds and a bedroom at the back and usually they live in pairs in them.

The kennels to the right are for when new dogs come in so they have some space away from the other dogs before meeting them and interacting with them all, they can still see and hear the other dogs to get used to their surroundings, some take longer than others to introduce.

The cabin has heaters and lamps and a radio.

Here are a few pics of inside the cabin and where they sleep.
one of the bunks

Bed and chair
A sofa and bunks

This is inside the Jerry Meak Building, they have lots of Agility equipment in there and beds to sit in.
We use this in the winter as well so they have somewhere dry to go and have fun.

A view of the paddock where they all love to run and play.

This is the reception area, a cabin with sofa etc and garden area for new owners to meet new dogs and introduce their own dogs if needed and get to know the new dog.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour :) I shall leave you with a few photos from the rehoming centre this week.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Forever homes

                        SUPER COOPER

Last week a very much loved long term resident of the Beagle Welfare rehoming centre went off to his new forever home after a stay here of 18 months, I think he may have been one of the longest staying residents to date along with Alfie and Jack.

He came into Beagle Welfare as stray and became a very renowned eccentric character here.

Staying in the kennels didn't really suit him he was constantly on the go never stood still for a second and had a few scrapes with other Beagles, he just wouldn't sit still for a cuddle or stroke.

He loved a tennis ball and would run for hours after one, many arms got tired from throwing tennis balls for Cooper and many ears were drummed from his barking for you to throw it.

Clare and Geoff often take dogs from outside in the kennels and bring them into the house to rehabilitate them back into normal living situations, they decided to do this with Cooper and it worked a treat. After a lively and bizarre start for Cooper he soon settled into living in the house and soon became a very good house dog, he calmed down a lot and just relaxed, finally we had a calm cuddly boy, he loved to just sleep and lay on the table lol and just be with you.

We decided to make a DVD not long ago to give to people who adopted Beagles from us just to explain what they can expect when taking their new adopted Beagle home, and of course we needed a star of the show :) that would be super Cooper, he was the star of the show really and did everything asked of him and more.

Happy new forever home cooper you deserve it and thank you for adopting him :) you have a very special hound.

Here are a few of my fave Cooper photos.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Comings and Goings!

Well, all is very busy at the rehoming centre this week, beagles coming in beagles going out, some of our big characters have gone this week and some long term-ers.

Toffee went to his new home this week he had been with us since January, he had just begun to come out of his shell with us humans but its nice to see him find a home :).

Harvey also went to his new home this week, he was a very lovable cuddly character who just wanted human company and nothing would get in his way to find that company lol no fence no gate no hedge no roof lol. We are very happy he has found his new home.

Buster and Lexi also went to new homes.

Stanley and Hector to.

So for us Beagles still looking for homes we continue to do what we do best here, sniff Arrrooooooo play and await our new forever homes.


                                        SKYE & SOCKS
                                TAYLOR & BAXTER




Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A view inside the rehoming centre.

These past few days the weather at the rehoming centre has been hit and miss, we have had sunshine, wind and showers.

The Beagles all still love going out in the paddock though, and we have a large building called the Jerry Meak building they can go in when the heavens decide to open.(Photos to follow at some point)

This is the Beagles coming into the paddock, not all come out together some need a push out (or the offer of a biscuit) :)

They like to play fetch and chase a ball

 Playing with toys

Playing with each other, wrestling 

And a gentle run around the paddock

I thought I would introduce you all to a few of our residents each week.

This is Miss Taylor
She has been with us 6 months.

Taylor is 6 years old

Taylor is a sweet affecionate girl who loves her food (sometimes a little to much)

She loves playing with balls 

She ideally is looking for a dog free home, she gets on well with other dogs but due to her love of food we feel would be better as an only dog to bring out the best in her.

She needs an owner who will give her time and patience and will understand her, and give the time she needs to settle in.

She loves a cuddle and to give a good face wash and loves a good bum scratch lol 

She will make somebody a wonderfull companion.

This is Samson

he is 5 years old
he has been with us 2 months                                                      
Samson is an affectionate lad and he loves a biscuit.    
He also loves to play fetch and will bring back a ball which is unusual in a Beagle lol.
He gets on well with other dogs but is a little overwhelmed at the kennels with lots of dogs together, so would suit a home as an only dog.

This is Archie  
He is  2 years old
he has been with us 1 month
Archie is a friendly loving boy who loves a cuddle, he walks nicely on a lead and is ok off lead.

He loves his toys very much so would suit a home as an only dog.

Please take a look at our rehoming list if you can offer any of these hounds a forever home.