Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A little Tour

Hi, I thought I would just take you on a little tour around the Rehoming centre this week, and show you where the dogs sleep play and live.

This is the Cabin, we usually have about 6 Beagles live in here together.
We also have 3 conventional kennels on the other side for Beagles who prefer a little more quite time, these kennels have a run at the front with beds and a bedroom at the back and usually they live in pairs in them.

The kennels to the right are for when new dogs come in so they have some space away from the other dogs before meeting them and interacting with them all, they can still see and hear the other dogs to get used to their surroundings, some take longer than others to introduce.

The cabin has heaters and lamps and a radio.

Here are a few pics of inside the cabin and where they sleep.
one of the bunks

Bed and chair
A sofa and bunks

This is inside the Jerry Meak Building, they have lots of Agility equipment in there and beds to sit in.
We use this in the winter as well so they have somewhere dry to go and have fun.

A view of the paddock where they all love to run and play.

This is the reception area, a cabin with sofa etc and garden area for new owners to meet new dogs and introduce their own dogs if needed and get to know the new dog.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour :) I shall leave you with a few photos from the rehoming centre this week.

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  1. Great update Emily are those the fences that the volunteers came to paint