Monday, 8 June 2015

Comings and Goings!

Well, all is very busy at the rehoming centre this week, beagles coming in beagles going out, some of our big characters have gone this week and some long term-ers.

Toffee went to his new home this week he had been with us since January, he had just begun to come out of his shell with us humans but its nice to see him find a home :).

Harvey also went to his new home this week, he was a very lovable cuddly character who just wanted human company and nothing would get in his way to find that company lol no fence no gate no hedge no roof lol. We are very happy he has found his new home.

Buster and Lexi also went to new homes.

Stanley and Hector to.

So for us Beagles still looking for homes we continue to do what we do best here, sniff Arrrooooooo play and await our new forever homes.


                                        SKYE & SOCKS
                                TAYLOR & BAXTER




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