Saturday, 31 October 2015

Autumn at the rehoming centre


Well! It seems winter is creeping its way in slowly at the Beagle Welfare  rehoming centre, Cold is in the air the rain is here and that means lots of mud, and that means muddy beagles lol, this also means more washing of bedding and dirty towels.
Since my last blog lots of beagles have come and gone, I am lucky enough to see some of the beagles re-homed on the beagle walks I do locally to me and I will do an update on some of them when I can :)

So what is it like working at the rehoming centre when the weather changes? Well, we still enjoy it but without the warm sun and with mud and wet beagles, it is blooming hard work lol. The paddock gets wet and muddy and as we all know beagles love to get mucky rolling in it and digging.

I still take photos of all the beagles so I shall share some with you now.

The beagles enjoying a sunny autumn day

Little muddy faces

Little Bagel seems a tad mucky

Barrett under the tree

Little louie

Henry and Luna

mucky pups

I shall sign off for now but will continue with updates from the rehoming centre soon.

Please take a look at the rehoming list if you wish to adopt a beagle.

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