Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Little Daisy ๐ŸŒผ


Daisy has come a long way since she was first rescued.

This is Daisy. She’s 5 months old and weighs less than a healthy puppy, half her age. She’s a pitiful sight and that’s because she’s the ‘Face of Puppy Farming’ in the UK today. Unsold, possibly because of health issues, her further neglect resulted in malnutrition, skin issues and mobility problems. Daisy’s plight will probably make you sad and angry, not just for Daisy but for all the millions of puppies ‘produced’ in puppy farms and puppy mills every year. 

The awful truth is that over 40% of all puppies sold in the UK are bought by people who didn’t see the puppy with the mother, or bother to check out the environment in which the puppy was raised. They might have bought from a Pet Shop, from a dealer, from a home ‘that didn’t quite seem right’ or out of the back of a van at a Motorway Service. 
It’s really very simple - if you can’t see a puppy with its mother, it’s a PUPPY FARM PUPPY. 
If you buy a puppy this way, you’re not ‘saving it’ you’re not ‘rescuing it’. You’re just adding to the problem – it’s called supply and demand. As long as people buy these puppies, puppy farmers and back yard breeders with continue to breed and deal in misery.
Daisy’s a sad little dog but at least she’s got some chance of a life, unlike her poor wretched mother who will spend her short, miserable lifetime in a dark, stinking, squalid ‘cell’. And spare a thought for the many other unsold, surplus puppies, maybe Daisy's brothers and sisters; what’s the very worst thing you can imagine might happen to them? – Yes, you’re probably right……..
This isn’t just an appeal to people to condemn puppy farmers, this an appeal to decent, kind people to PLEASE stop buying puppies from Puppy Farmers.
Ignorance is not an excuse – this is the 21st century, with information overload - there is no excuse for ignorance. 
Please share this post, for the sake of all the ‘Daisys’ that didn’t get out alive.
For more information on puppy farming (and be warned this is upsetting) please look at this site -

Daisy is doing well and still having tests at the vets to find out about her health etc..

She's currently in foster care and doing well.

She loves running in the paddock she's very wobbly but has fun :) 

She loves playing with toys and other dogs.
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