Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Not a conventional kennels.




Many people when enquiring to re home their beagle are hesitant to want to put them into kennels before they are re-homed. I thought i would do a little blog on what the rehoming centre at East Staffordshire is like and what the beagles do day to day.

Above and below are just a few photos of the beagles playing in the huge grassed and beagle proof paddock. The beagles have plenty of toys and things to play with and a big fort to climb and spy on passing people, cars, horses or just anything a beagle can nosy at.

They live communally in a wooden cabin, kitted out with chairs, beds, a radio and heating for winter and fans for summer.    
 For the beagles who prefer a little peace and quiet they have kennels where they can live in pairs, also kitted out with a long run area and bedroom with beds and heating for winter.

The beagles get their breakfast at 7.30am daily then have a kip to let their breakfast go down. At 9am they are all let out to run freely around the paddock and yards while the humans clean the kennels and change the beddings. Around lunch time the beagles all come in for a siesta for a couple of hours and are let out again about 3pm for another play and run around. The staff at the rehoming centre go out daily to play with the beagles either running around the paddock throwing a ball or just generally being with them, which beagles love. 
At around 4.30pm they go in for their dinner, if it is a nice light dry evening they get to go and have another little play and run around to stretch their legs and tire out before bed time at approx. 9.30pm.

We also have several volunteers who come to walk the beagles so they get to go out to parks and towns etc to meet people and other dogs.

We also have a indoor play area called the Jerry Meek building.

This is great for when it is a rainy wet day or just for some fun on the agility equipment.



Our Beagle of the Month for September is Toby.

Toby is in the care of Beagle Welfare in Burton-Upon-Trent. Please read his post in full and if you have any questions or are interested in rehoming him please contact Clare Clark on 01283 575175 or email

Toby is a three-year-old, castrated, tri-colour handsome male who is vaccinated & micro-chipped. 

Toby needs to either be the only dog in the home, or he could live with another dog but just not be walked with the other dog he lives with.  This is not because he’s doesn’t get on with dogs he lives with but his reaction when he is on a lead meeting other dogs/traffic/bikes/passers-by etc. He barks & howls at them. His new owner would have to continue with one-to-one training when out and about to build his confidence up with everyday life and not be scared to socialise him. He is less reactive off lead and has quite good recall if you have treats!

Apart from his reactive behaviour Toby is the most loving and funny hound you could ever meet. He is great with children 10+, he loves his furry duck, is very smart and catches on very quickly when teaching him a new game or a trick. He is very loving towards people and if he did live with a dog he would be loving with them too. 
Toby has lived with cats so could live with a dog savvy cat in his new home. He is housetrained, will eat his food in a crate and is also good at travelling. 


If you are interested in re homing a beagle please fill out the application on our website. APPLICATION TO ADOPT A BEAGLE

If you are looking to surrender a beagle please contact our rehoming co-ordinators on 01283 575 175 please leave a msg if no answer and we will get back to you, or email  

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